Friday, April 15, 2011

How to Frost glass instead of Etching glass.

See the slideshow for examples. (the glass greeting cards)

Items needed:
  •  Stick-on letters (the size of your preference).
  • Etching creme (from your local craft store ex; Pat Catans or Michaels Craft store).
  • A small art brush (to brush on the etching creme).  
  • A flat stick like a popsicle stick (to smooth the letters once place on the glass. 
  • One inch or wider masking tape and 1/2 inch or smaller masking tape ( to outline the area to frost.) 
  • You can also purchase glasses or vases at the craft store but to start you might want to buy at the Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Place your letters on the clean glass (designed as you like). Outline the area (with the masking tape) around the letters in a shape such as a square, heart shape, circle etc. Stablized the glass to be frosted so it does not rolled (place in a box or use towels etc). Brush the etching creme lightly on the glass within the masking tape area (follow the directions on the etching creme box). Rinse the tape and stick-on letters off the glass. (Use soapy, warm water). Dry and then decorate the glass with ribbons, candles, gel etc. there's no limit to what you can do. Make your items personal and your gifts will never be forgotten.
Let me know how your projects work out too.

****See "Help Links" for a shorter version of directions.****

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